Charles Reynolds

Great photography doesn't just capture a scene - it captures a powerful feeling and recreates that feeling in the viewer. This is what I strive to achieve with my work. I love finding hidden beauty in everyday things, as well as highlighting that of more striking subjects. Amazing images are everywhere I look, and I always want to share what I see.

I have been happily photographing everything around me since 1977. In 1996 I got saltwater in my 35mm SLR, and bought my first digital camera instead of fixing it. I shoot about 10,000 pictures a year - mostly color work, with some black and white when the mood strikes.

Most of my photography is for my family and my own artistic projects – gallery shows, a book someday, and birthday presents for my art-hungry friends – but I am also available for professional projects. If you need a friendly photographer in the San Francisco Bay area for a fun portrait, family, portfolio, or event shoot, please contact me!

Models, welcome! I am always looking for collaborators and co-conspirators who are truly alive, and I love it when we can capture some of your essence in a photograph. Maybe your personality shines out through your eyes, or is there in your expression or motion. Perhaps you can help me realize an idealized form or icon like no one else can. Let’s create something great! More of my model photography is here:

Some of my older work is at:
Here at SmugMug I have posted some of my more recent work, and especially photos to share. Enjoy.

Charles A. Reynolds